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UBCM invited Hong Kong’s very own Antonio Lai to come to Macau too Share is passion and skills. The topic of this Master Class was Antonio’s Conceptual Happy Drinking concept. In other words to help create awareness in bartenders that the future of this industry consists in not only creating signature cocktails that taste good, but thinking of the cocktail […]

A record number of participants welcomed the 3rd BARTENDER OF THE YEAR Competition held in Sky21 Restaurant & Bar. This year all participants were given 15 minutes to prepare garnishes for their cocktails and the best was awarded the “Cocktail Art Award”. Bartenders were then required to concoct 3 full portions of their original recipe within 5 minutes. Visit […]


Maison Routin French Syrup company Established in 1883 was here in Macau this Friday at IFT Polo of Taipa, to showcase to UBCM members and cocktail aficionados the versatility and mixability of their products.

December 3, 2014

The Bartenders Association of Taiwan (BAT) welcomed to Kaohsiung south and second biggest city in Taiwan, 18 different countries from all over the world. The reason was the Golden Cup. This event was massive and absolutely lived up to the hype it created with Over 1000 young student bartenders compete yearly. This was the 20th year this event was […]