Hard Rock Cafe BARocker 2014

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Bartenders from Hard Rock Cafe Macau battled each other with cool flair tricks and great bartending skills for the local title of BARocker this evening!
The BARocker competition is one of our favorite Hard Rock Cafe yearly events and UBCM supported this great initiative for the second year straight. Top local Hard Rocker Bartender’s (Belinda, Rollie, Lowellah, Ricardo, Jhune and Shelly) participated looking fabulous while serving up the cafe’s most famous signature cocktails.
Participants were judged on the basis of 4 things: knowledge, accuracy, speed and showmanship, check hbcontrols.com. The winner Rollie is know heading to Korea to participate in the Asia North Regional round and try to guarantee is place on the Global BARocker competition.
Here in HRCM Bartenders make drinks that rock your world!