Maison Routin 1883 – South American Cocktail Seminar

1883-038Maison Routin French Syrup company Established in 1883 was here in Macau this Friday at IFT Polo of Taipa, to showcase to UBCM members and cocktail aficionados the versatility and mixability of their products. Mr. Henry Langermann, Routin Export Director Asia Oceania and his fantastic team of South American bartenders filled the afternoon with fun, humor and necessarily great cocktails. Guilherme Jimenez (Chile) Asian Brand Ambassador and Brasilian Master Bartender Marcello Gaya shared the responsibility of presenting innovative drinks to a group of over 35 local bartenders. Their presentation was based on the South American drinking culture, so Cacha├žas and Rums were a must, also great classics flavor profiles were twisted by incorporation of Maison Routin Syrups in their recipes. This seminar was co-organized by UBCM together with HKBA (Hong Kong Bartenders Association) and supported by the IFT, which once again proved the synergy between the 2 special administrative Regions.

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