20th Taiwan Golden Cup

slide-image-111The Bartenders Association of Taiwan (BAT) welcomed to Kaohsiung south and second biggest city in Taiwan, 18 different countries from all over the world. The reason was the Golden Cup. This event is massive! Over 1000 young student bartenders compete yearly. This was the 20th year this event was organized and UBCM couldn’t miss this opportunity to participate.

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Mr. Tom Kuo (IBA Vice President – Asia) and Mr. Declan Byrne (IBA Secretary) gave the welcome speeches which were followed by well coordinated bartending shows presented by BAT. There were several from flairing with themes like the renowned Spider Man outfit and impressive 30 over pax James Bond choreography to well trained classic bartending performance by previous Taiwanese Champions. It really amazed the international visitors. After the group photo with all participating countries Guild Presidents, the international competition began. Macau participated in both categories.


The environment surrounding the Convention & Cultural Center is frenetic full of young Taiwanese bartender students that gather in the close by parks practicing flair tricks or just simply bonding with colleagues. It’s no mistake to say that we were in the Asian capital of flairing, talent here is natural. On the on going competition 10 countries participated in the Flair Category, each bartender was required to perform their tricks routine and 3 full portion cocktails within 5 minutes. UBCM – Eduardo Zamora, bartender at Portofino Restaurante in The Venetian went on stage relaxed and focused for what was a truly amazing performance.


The Classic Category followed. All contenders were required to concoct 5 full portions of their fancy style cocktail within 7 min. UBCM – Fufu Hong, bartender at the prestigious membership club China Rouge in Galaxy and UBCM’s BARTENDER OF THE YEAR 2013 showed her fantastic bar skills and proudly represented Macau in Taiwan.

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