Macau Bartender of the Year 2014

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A record number of participants welcomed the 3rd BARTENDER OF THE YEAR Competition held in Sky21 Restaurant & Bar. This year all participants were given 15 minutes to prepare garnishes for their cocktails and the best was awarded the “Cocktail Art Award”. Bartenders were then required to concoct 3 full portions of their original recipe within 5 minutes. This new concept implemented this year looked forward to bartenders developing their garnish preparation and confidence skills.

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1st Place & Cocktail Art Award Winner
Sola Wong
Bartender at the prestigious China Rouge Private Member Club, Galaxy Macau.

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2nd Place
Louis Ordinario
Bartender at the R-Bar, Hard Rock Hotel – City of Dreams.

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3rd Place
Kenneth D’Abaricia
Bartender at the Whisky Bar, Starworld Hotel.


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