It was great the number of interested people that joined Sky 21 Restaurant and Bar to welcome the UBCM’s second bartenders competition held on the 12th of December 2013. This date was extremely symbolic as it represents the official governmental registration of this truly local bartenders Association. With the resurgence and ever increasing popularity of the cocktail, there is high demand for creative and professional bartenders.

Previous year 1st runner up Fufu Hong, mesmerized the judges this year with great elegant confident skills and perfectly matched them with a well balanced local herbs inspired cocktail. As holder of Macau Bartender of the Year title Fufu represented Macau in the Asia Pacific Cocktail Championship held in Singapore, achieved 1st runner up in Twinings Tea Cocktail Challenge held in Hong Kong and she will be traveling to Taiwan by the end of November to participate as well in the Golden Cup. Her UBCM Education Program will be completed with the International Bartenders Association Elite Bartender Course in 2015.