In order to seek help regarding heavy operations losses and complete closure of many Macau’s Bars and similar establishments due to Health/Safety measurements taken by the Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus during the month of February.
During the afternoon a group of Bar and related Industry representatives of Macau including UBCM President Mr. Leo Leng presented a petition letter with over 100 signatures to the Chief Executive Office where 3 measures of support were highlighted and suggested.
1. One-time subsidy for operating expenses incurred due to the impact of suspension.
2. It is hoped that it will be treated the same as the catering industry, and the tourism tax of the “karaoke” venues, bars, discos and night club industries will be extended or even permanently exempted, so that the industry can compete fairly with the catering industry that also provides beverage services.
3. Full refund of the tourism tax paid by the Karaoke venue, bar, disco and ballroom industries in 2019.